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Graduation Special

Would you like to save on Graduation Announcement photos? Do you have a friend who can split the photo session and cost with you?  If so, this might be a plan for you.

What: Up to 1 hour photo session (split to half-hour for each person)

Where: A mutually agreed location in Oahu, Hawaii

Who: You and your friend who are both graduating the same year.

The Catch: Arrive on time and ready to shoot. We will take as many photos we can within the time period. I will pick all the usable photos and apply edits on them. Once I am done with processing, I will upload your photos separately in your own personal online-gallery for you to preview. At that point the photos are available to each person for $125. After you make the purchase, the photos will be downloadable.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you don’t like your photos, there is no obligation to make a purchase. No questions asked (although I would appreciate your feedback).

Book now by filling out the form below and don't forget to mention "Graduation Special".

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